Road cycling is the passion in my life. I have never been gripped so tightly by something as I have by cycling in all of its aspects, from riding my own bike to watching the pro's and now, blogging about it! It is often said that those who take an interest in cycling soon become obsessive, devoted and fanatical - I confirm there is truth in that...

This blog, this rambling, is still an infant - I do not claim to be a pro-writer any more than I do a pro-cyclist and this blog is based not on talent, but on passion - a desire to share this world with everybody, to inform, enlighten and even on occasion educate! Most of the content will be pro-cycling related: News, views and gossip and hopefully with a different perspective to that of the mainstream cycling media.

This blog is written for enjoyment, not for profit. Any advertising that may feature on this blog is merely to cover costs and to help with the 'up-keep'.

Be Critical - I like to know if I have made errors and mistake, I also like to know if you don't like my opinion! Creating discussion gives me a buzz - please feel free to comment on my posts and spark wider conversation and debate - anything to get more people talking about cycling!

I hope that this blog will achieve it's modest aims, most of all, I hope that you will enjoy the ride......

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