Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Picture This: Polka Dots


Here is Pierre Rolland in his Polka Dot 'King of the Moutains' Tour de France kit - it's true that for some the colour is a little hard to take but none the less this often undervalued jersey is a sure sign of a very talented and enduring rider, in fact I have as deep a respect for the 'mountains' jersey as I do for the the Yellow - whoever is in Polka Dots come the end of the Tour has undoubtedly been one of the strongest riders in the race, sure they might finish a mile back on the GC in the end but the power, energy and determination it takes to consistently ride to the top of the mountains first, each mountain, every day is something to behold and marks an incredible achievement - besides I quite like the spotty kit though Pierre could do with the matching gloves and socks here (each to their own) but if you don't like the colour blame Chocolat Poulain who became the first sponsor of the Mountains Classification in 1975 thus creating the now iconic jersey which just so happened to be the colour of the Chocolat Poulain bar wrappers. Nice.

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