Thursday, 20 June 2013

Away Again

I'm off on my honeymoon tomorrow just as the Tour de France looms so the blog will slow down again for a week or so but fear not - I have pre-written a few posts to be spread out across the week though as time progresses the information I have provided to coincide with the Tour de France may change. I promise this is the last time the blog will be neglected (planning a wedding has left me grossly unprepared) and once I'm back - I'm back. Please stay in touch with the blog because I've got some big ideas for the Tour this year and hoping to provide as much coverage as possible. I will still be around (as much as the wife allows) on Twitter with more up-to-date info and pre-race tweets, just follow @InTheGC and I will be back soon to carry on where I left off! 


  1. Good luck and I can't wait for your return!

  2. I'll second that!

    Have a great time away