Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Movie: Amgen Tour Of California 2013

OK, so the Giro is in full flow but it's not the only bike race happening right now - in fact the 2013 Amgen Tour of California starts today and here's a little film with insights from locals, fans, organisers and riders about the route stage by stage including a look at the gruelling Mount Diablo finish. Obviously the race is made difficult to watch thanks to the time difference but the summit finish stage is certainly worth staying up for - however much the Americans love this race though it does have it's downsides: Much of the race is flat, it's a bit of a sprint fest which often leaves the GC battle wanting and of course the Giro is on and those not in Italy are working hard to find form for the Tour de France so the start-list is often lacking in big names. It certainly won't rival the Giro, but bike racing is bike racing so never pass up the opportunity to watch more...Enjoy.

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