Sunday, 14 April 2013

Picture This: Roman Kreuziger Wins Amstel Gold

This is the moment 26 year old Roman Kreuziger crossed the finish to take victory in today's Amstel Gold race. A phenominal show of strength Kreuziger looked in amazing physical shape as he simply rode away from his break-away companions with 7km to go, never to be seen again. Kreuziger has been knocking on the door of stardom for a number of years and it's hard to believe he's still only 26. His move from Astana to Saxobank this year looks to have finally pushed him on and turned him into the rider we expected him to become. Today's race was great - an attack filled 250km which rewarded aggression leaving all of the favourites for dead. Sympathies to Thomas Voeckler who suffered a broken collarbone, Joaquim Rodriguez a thigh Contusion and Peter Sagan who's classics season seems to have come to an end without victory...


  1. great blog, i visit it daily. this is the kind of race and rider i love.

    i have seen other places online saying sagan has had a winless classic season. what about GW? it's not a monument but it's still a full blown sunday classic. and an amazing victory at that. he still has Fleche Wallone this week (which i don't think he will win).

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the kind Comments!

      It's true Sagan has won GW but I think this is widely viewed, rightly or wrongly, as a semi-classic. I think its more of a lack of monument than lack of classic but often this distinction between the two can get a little blurred. Don't get me wrong, Sagan has had a fantastic season already, he is way ahead of others like EBH, the fact that many are moaning about his lack of classics win just goes to show what high regard we hold him in!

  2. that's what i thought. especially the fact that we hold him to such high standards that the media is moaning he didn't win a monument. it's great to see he is beatable.

    i'm tipping the columbian trio for FW (betancur, henao & quintana). but i haven't seen a start list. where as LBL is a bit more open.