Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Giro d'Italia In Video: 4 More Sleeps

With all of the Bradley Wiggins / Chris Froome / Tour de France chatter of late it's hard to believe we haven't even raced the Giro d'Italia yet and if it's the Wiggins v Froome battle that is capturing your imagination at the moment then remember the Giro plays a big part in this. Wiggins is talking of a Giro-Tour double but he seems to be jumping the gun a little considering there are still 4 more sleeps to the start of the Giro but his form here will determine what happens in France this July. The Giro itself is an amazing prospect this year, the inclusion of time bonuses and the evidently great form Vincenzo Nibali is currently in look set to make this an even battle. To get the juices flowing for the Giro, here is the official Promo video for 2013 and the official youtube feed for the Giro are doing a good job of hyping the race up, read on for some great videos featuring all of the favourites talking about whats to come over the next 3 weeks...

Ok, so the official promo was released 7 months ago and if it appears a little dated, especially with recent developments and the stomping form of Nibali here is a nice three part series featuring all of the race hopefuls talking about what this race means to them, how it will be won and who by. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. My head says Wiggins will win the Giro but my heart wants someone else. Anyone else. Not because he isn't a good rider - he is. But in the last 24 hours he's gone back on his word over Froome being the team leader and with the state of play in the pro peloton as it is today a rider's word is all we really have that they are playing the game fairly. "My word is my bond" is an oft quoted phrase from the pillars of British society and as a knight Wiggins should remember that.