Friday, 1 February 2013

Picture This: Michael Rasmussen

It's not been the best week in cycling - yet another tarred by doping. The week started with the media focus on Dr Fuentes and the Puerto trial, then Frank Schleck got dealt a (rather dubious) 1 year ban for his positive test at last years Tour for a banned diuretic before Michael Rasmussen (photographed) finished the week admitting to an 11 year doping binge in his own words: "I used EPO, growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA, insulin, IGF-1, and cortisone and did blood transfusions." (worryingly beating many anti-doping tests and maintaining a relatively unsuspicious haematocrit level). Fuentes and Rasmussen have both promised to 'name names' which can only be a good thing, but after a long off-season of Armstrong related doping revelations this week only serves to highlight the continued struggle of doping within the sport, just as the season really gets underway. I predict the revelations will roll on throughout the year and cast a shadow across the season darker than Rasmussens tan lines. Same old same old...(PS. Sorry if this picture puts you off your dinner!)

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  1. Not a nice look, is it?

    The poster child for the EPO era