Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wednesday Movie: WiggoWall - Winter Training, Bradley Wiggins Style...

As pro-cyclists everywhere re-find their love of the bike at their respective winter training camps - working hard, building up base miles, getting back into their strict diets - there will be little time or allowance for much more than a single glass of pinot-noir and a mince pie this Chirstmas. Somebody try telling Bradley Wiggins that! After his 2012 he's every right to let lose and celebrate and we all know he is partial to a beer or ten - there were some less than flattering photo's of 'Wiggo' doing the rounds in the rags after his SPOTY win looking a little, well, pissed. But it's nice to see at least one rider getting into the party mood: Here's Bradley Wiggins at the SPOTY after-party with a rendition of Oasis - Wonderwall, now known simply as 'Wiggowall'...enjoy.


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