Thursday, 27 December 2012

Picture This: Judgement Day For Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has been very quiet of late, but today is Judgement day. Today is the last day Lance Armstrong has left to appeal the UCI's final verdict to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Until this point Lance has faught tooth and nail to keep his reputation in tact, though recently he said he wouldn't fight anymore. No reply from Armstrong today will bring the whole affair to a close, though Tyler Hamilton warns that Armstrong may strike back: "You hear very little from Lance, but I think this will not be a permanent state, I fear Lance will hit back. I think he is suffering terribly, Lance is a very proud man, he believed, he was like an atlas and he could carry the world on his back and now everything is gone, the glory, the honor, it will be too much... Money, yes it personally cost him. It will tear Lance apart that he is not a hero anymore." The Clock Is Ticking....

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