Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thursday Shorts: More Exits At Sky? De Gendts Tour Top 10, Geraint On Becoming Brad, JTL's Sky Training Regime...

It's been a quiet week, transfer news lessons and talk of 2013 starts to do the rounds, but here's a little catch up of the latest goings on as riders return to training and knuckle down in preparation for the forthcoming season...

Anti-Doping Review At Sky Continues
Although all riders and staff have now been formally interviewed and are said to have put pen to paper confirming no past doping scandals, a Sky spokesperson this week said "It's an ongoing process that the team will continue to implement throughout its development. Everyone within the team has been interviewed and the relevant declarations have been signed where appropriate. Any relevant news will be released in due course. I don't think the process will ever conclude." CyclingNews reports that more exits are still on the cards and with Tyler Hamilton again calling out Mick Rogers in the dutch press this week could he be next to leave the Sky train?

De Gendt Targets 2013 Tour Top 10
Vacansoleil rider Thomas De Gendt missed out on the 2012 Tour as it coincided with his wedding though nothing stands in his way for 2013. De Gendt is rarely regarded as a contender and instead many consider him a 'stage hunter' - riding to grab a few stage victories to up his - and his sponsors - profile, however De Gendts killer move on the Stelvio in last years Giro shows he has the gaule to ride with the bigger boys and win even on the toughest of finishes, and though it seems like he's been around forever, he is only 25. His aim this year? A top ten finish at the Tour and I think it's a pretty good goal, who knows - he could even finishes higher...

Can Geraint Thomas 'do a Wiggins'?
Geraint Thomas spoke out not long ago about his ambition to emulate team-mate Bradley Wiggins and go all the way in the Tour de France - is it possible? Well Geraint himself pointed out that at his current age he's already done more on the road than Brad had at his age and now that his focus shifts completely away from the track, possibly for good, then he has every chance. He has previously been touted as a future Flanders/Roubaix winner and he will certainly be focusing on the classics in 2013, but if Sky can put him through the same rigorous mill as they did with Brad, shift the extra weight and keep him focused then he's certainly still young enough to target the Tour de France. If you missed the original Geraint Thomas interview you can read it here.

Jon Tiernan-Locke On His New Training Regime
Talking of that rigorous mill, it looks as though Sky are already putting newcomer Jon Tiernan-Locke through his paces. In an interview with his local newspaper JTL describes a 'five-hour training ride last week on no breakfast and just water in his bottles.' Sky will certainly be looking to make Tiernan-Locke much leaner which should improve his already outstanding climbing capabilities. There is also mention that he may ride the 2013 Vuelta - his first Grand Tour and judging by the Route, likely to be one of his, and everybody else's hardest. You can read the full JTL interview here.

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