Monday, 3 September 2012

Blog Down

Unfortunately my ageing laptop is on the blink and as a result the blog is not likely to be updated untill Tuesday evening at the earliest. Sorry for the weekend absence and please bare with me, I should be back soon! Thanks!


  1. My sympathies. I am constantly have to suspend operations because I eep finding myself out of internet access on my assignments. I'll miss your updates, but will check in on Tuesday - assuming I can get access on the Kenai Peninsula!

  2. Good luck with your technological battles. I am finding that my own bloghas a way of coming up strange on iPads - wrong pictures with various stories, weird layouts etc. no logical reason. Ain't technology fun?

  3. Thanks for sticking with me Roff! Its been an annoyance - but I wont lie and say I havn't enjoyed a little break and watching the racing without worrying how I will word the write-up afterwards! Glad to be back though!