Friday, 17 August 2012

Film Friday: Vuelta a Espana 2012 Promo

You know we are in Spain becuase the promo video's doing the rounds are even more naff than usual. Here instead of suspense, tension and drama we get cocktails, sombreros and group rides in jeans - that's just the official one. Here's the official advert for this years Vuelta, and below is the TV2 advert for the same race, I'm not sure they will do much to inspire you to hit the slopes or even watch the race, but hopefully the thought of an epic battle between Albert Contador and Chris Froome will be inspiration enough. I haven't wirtten a preview for this race, which I feel slightly guilty about as I think this may be the best Grand Tour of the year, but it's been done and as usual Inner Ring has it covered here. I'll leave you with those videos, try and enjoy...

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