Friday, 31 August 2012

Film Friday: Liggett The Idiot Talks Lance Armstrong, And A Counter Argument

In case you havn't already seen it, here is 'The Voice Of Cycling' Phil Liggett talking (rubbish) about Lance Armstrong and the USADA. Looks like Liggett is Armstrongs next line of defence against the anti-doping authorities. Liggett is a commentator and close friend of Lance Armstrong, he's also an idiot who I hope will be banished from ITV for next years Tour. Listen out around the 11 Minute mark though for his extraordinary claims that he knows the USADA were offering bribes to anyone who wanted to drop Armstrong in it, I don't think there is any truth in it but if there is it could turn the case on its head. Oh and for those still in doubt about Lance Armstrongs guilt (really?) here is a fantastic post written by sports scientist who know their stuff and it's a pretty damning report for Armstrong - it's also a fascinating read: Here.

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