Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Box Hill - A Snapshot

This is Surrey's answer to L'Alpe d'Huez and it's what awaits the riders of the Olympic Road Race this weekend. A favoured picnic spot for those living in the capital there are unrivalled views of the city and the Surrey hill's from the summit. Though not steep enough to have the Peloton puffing on the first ascent, at 2.5km Long, and averaging 5.3% there will certainly be some sore legs after the 9 circuits (9 for the men's race, 2 for the women's) needed to take a medal at the Weekend. For those with a fiver on Cavendish, I wouldn't get counting your chickens just yet - the 9 laps of box hill are similar in length and gradient to many a Tour de France alpine climb (on which Cavendish usually drops off the back pretty quickly) and though I expect the peloton to remain in one group come the finish line, having the energy to sprint to victory is a different matter. I'm going to be brave and put Peter Sagan's name on this one...


  1. I have to agree I think Sagan will tidy this up. So what about silver and bronze???

    1. It's a difficult one due to the various scenarios that could unfold, such as a break staying away with riders like Cancellara, or a puncheur like Gilbert or Chavanel pushing clear I'm the final KM. I will be writing a full preview ahead of Saturday's race outlining the Contenders, but what I do know is that nothing with this race is clear cut...