Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fuglsang: Three Teams In 7 Months?

Radioshack-Nissan's Jakob Fuglsang has been well and truly given the cold-shoulder by the teams management who dropped him from the Tour de France line-up at the last minute in favour of Chris Horner, even though he had been the teams most consistent performer in the run up to the French stage race. Following his absence from the roster Fuglsang immediately expressed his dissatisfaction and his desire to leave, the team responded by ruling him out of any remaining WorldTour events for the rest of the year, though Jakob will be hoping he gets a ride ride for three teams in the space of 7 months...

The Fulgsang debacle is merely a tiny fragment of the overall disaster that has been Radioshack-Nissan this season, and though I can understand why managment would not want a rider to race knowing they would be leaving to join a rival team at the end of the season - as WorldTour ranking points are carried over to the following season and therefore whichever team that rider is racing for - In Radioshacks current state it looks unlikely that many of their riders will stay next year, and that's even if there is a team to stay out. There is lots of speculation as to where Fabian Cancellara may end up next season, though he hasn't been dealt the same sanctions which does add a certain personal vendetta towards Fuglsang who has been one of the riders to speak up about not being paid this year. As it is, Fuglsang is already in negotiations with Saxo-Bank-Tinkoff-Bank where he may return next season.

It's all a bit of a kick in the teeth for a man who has been one of Radioshacks best riders this year. Cancellara had a good early season before his broken Collarbone but barring that its all been a bit dismal with Frank Schleck withdrawing for the Giro, Andy's withdrawal from the Tour and not a great deal of victories from anybody. Fuglsang though took wins at the Tour of Austria and the Tour of Luxembourg in what will probably be highlights of Radioshack-Nissans year, he created victories for a team who have now left him out in the dark.

So Radioshack-Nissan and Saxo-Bank are two of the teams Fuglsang is likely to turn pedals with, but who is the third? Well as it doesn't look likely that Jakob will get another ride this year with his current team (even though he has asked for more races) a helping hand has come in the form of Lars Bonde, coach of the Denmark national team, who has offered him a place in the national team for the Tour of Denmark. A canny move, as though it would be impossible for Fuglsang to rider for any other trade team whilst contracted to Radioshack-Nissan, this is not the case for the National Team. Little victories Fuglsang, little Victories

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  1. It's so mean-spirited & almost childish & petty the way Fuglsang's been treated by his team & he's definitely got talent. The politics really suck but Radioshack may live to regret getting rid of him, that's if they live at all next year.