Friday, 15 June 2012

Film Friday: Lance Armstrong V Paul Kimmage

This is the now infamous exchange between ex-pro turned cycling journalist Paul Kimmage and Lance Armstrong prior to the 2009 Tour of California. It's heated to say the least and it would be - Kimmage has long been an out-spoken anti-doping representative with a particular penchant for taking on Armstrong. Much of his journalism is dedicated to tackling a subject that others far to often shy away from. Whatever you think about Kimmage, at least we know his stance is clear. Remember this interview is in America, Lance Armstrong was always going to at least look like he came out on top in this exchange thanks to a much biased American Press and of course make of the interview what you will, Lance divides opinion well beyond the crux of Marmite. The first time I saw this I was almost convinced of Lance Armstrongs innocence, almost. This clip now takes on greater significance as it was recorded early 2009, a year in which the USADA now accuses Armstrong of renewed doping along with 2010 in fresh allegations, post come-back. Oh, and keep an eye on Ivan Basso (not long back from a doping suspension prior to this clip) when Lance uses him as an example - The scorned look from Ivan is priceless.

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