Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Mark Cavendish And Road Rash

This is Mark Cavendish at the end of stage 3 in the years Giro d'Italia, not long after he, Taylor Phinney and others were taken out by a reckless sprint from Roberto Ferrari who apologised to the riders publicly at the start of todays Team Time Trial. Note the road rash to the shoulder, thigh and leg of Cavendish who is currently very sore after losing a whole load of skin on the tarmac in Denmark. The rash itself will become rather sticky as it scabs over and will certainly not be very comfortable for the next couple of stages. Don't think for a moment though that this puts Cavendish out of contention in tomorrows pan flat stage 5. In fact as the last clear cut sprint stage ahead of three more difficult intermediate mountain stages Cavendish will be looking to make a statement here: A bit of road rash won't keep a World Champion down...

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  1. I am just catching up the Giro having had to be very much focussing on work this past week. Many thanks for the great coverage.