Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Giro d'Italia - More Than Just A Grand Tour

The Tour de France has always been THE grand tour, though often as a cycling fan it can be the least exciting. Often it is built up so much that the end product cannot match the hype and we are left feeling a little let down by the whole affair. The Giro often has a weaker field than the Tour, but like we have seen this year, it can lead to a closer, more exciting race. Something else the Giro has in bucket loads that the Tour sometimes lacks is scenery. Scenery is a big thing in cycling, a vast number of viewers tune in purely for the scenery, from the beautiful dolomite mountains to hilltop towns like the magnificent Assisi, the town of yesterdays stage finish, the Giro has it all. The above picture is more than just a poster advertising the Giro, this photograph is a powerful, stunning and immediate attention grabber, after all, who can fail to be wowed by a view like this, cycling fan or not? Photographed fantastically well by the wonderful Jered Gruber this picture sums up cycling and all that cycling means in far better detail than a thousand words: the ride, the views, the passion, the places, the people, the culture, the endurance, the suffering, the heart. Its all here in the flash of his camera.

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