Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wordless Tuesday: The Art Of Burying One's Self.

Yes, Wordless Tuesday (I'm away this week, so have pre-written a few posts spread across the week from Friday 25th May until Saturday 2nd June so that there's at least something for you to read!) and this photograph epitomises just what it takes to be one of the top professional cyclists in the world. This is Michele Scarponi at the end of the super challenging Giro d'Italia stage 20, having attacked three times on the way up the final climb, Scarponi still couldn't shed his rivals and eventually finished third on the stage. All of the race favourites looked cooked on the way up that climb, but that still isn't a true reflection of what these riders really go through. Other than Rowing (I remember watching footage of Sir Steve Redgrave training until physically passing out!) I can't think of many other sports where the participants are willing to bury themselves day after day, time and time again in a way that pro-cyclists do, it has to be simply the toughest endurance sport on the planet. Cyclists truly are hard b*astards.

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  1. Nice pic and nice post. You gotta figure if a guy as superbly fit as that is so utterly wiped out, the ride must have been hideously tough. As you say there are few other sports so demanding...