Friday, 25 May 2012

Film Friday: The Stelvio In Motion

So, tomorrow. The Giro. The Stelvio. Could the highest point of this years season finally decide a close fought Giro d'Italia? Unfortunately I will not know until after the stage has finished as I will be sunning myself (hopefully) at the coast for a week. When I realised I'd be missing the final weekend of the Giro I must admit i was pretty gutted, even more so after watching the race to this point and it being so close. In fact this post is pre-written and the Giro may have already been decided by the time you see this post on today's gruelling climbs, if it has then I apologise. Also I'm sorry there will be no coverage on InTheGC regarding the winner of the Giro, or the final two stages but I have pre-written some features that will appear here in the week while I'm away so please check back regularly. Anyway, back to it - the Stelvio, tomorrows final climb, the possible decider has always had strong links to this beautiful Italian race - here's a brief history in footage...

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