Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Beauty Of Giro Del Trentino

This Wordless Wednesday speaks for itself. This is what awaits the riders of this weeks Giro Del Trentino on the final stage and final climb of Passo Pordoi (this Friday). The setting of the Dolomite Mountain Range in the north east of Italy is simply breathtaking. Part of the draw of cycling for me is simply being out and seeing sights. Being on the bike puts you in tune with the landscape, wherever you are, and its a great way to explore and see new things - the most mundane of rides can suddenly show flashes of beauty on a frosty morning, or be set alight by a beautiful sunset. The Giro Del Trentino is a brutal 4 day stage race in the mountains and after watching the flat(ish) classics for so long at this time of year but being a fan of the climbs and climbers rather than the sprints and sprinters, this race cures my craving for a spot of alpine climbing and this year its on Eurosport in all its glory. The climbs here must kill the riders, it must be agony on the tough stuff, but when they get to see sights like this, well, I don't think they have much to complain about...


  1. I look at images like that and am reminded yet again of why I could never race - I'd always want to be slowing down to enjoy the view! Great post. Thanks

  2. I must say I keep goin back to this photo - what a stunning place to ride. I've always had this hankering to ride in the Pyrenees and had never given the Dolomites a thought. That is changing fast!

    Have you ever cycled there?

    1. Unfortunately I havnt seen the Dolomites first hand - its definately on the to do list, I must say from what I have seen it looks very dramatic compared to much of the Alps.