Friday, 27 April 2012

Film Friday: The Lure Of Language And Cycling

Today's 'Film Friday' features two recent vid's, both in foreign languages. Language is part of the lure of professional cycling. The nonchalant way nearly all of the riders, no matter what nationality, can speak French and in many cases Dutch. Its the culture, the history of racing in France, Le Tour, the remarkable stories and triumphs of the Belgian spring classics - all the cycling related language, the different accents, different nations and the familiar foreign words that have become internationally recognised merge to form what is almost a score of music, beautifully written. These two video's represent two sides of that. The first is a new advert for FLEX featuring Alberto Contador, a beautiful advert in its own right but its completely in Spanish, I can't understand a word but it doesn't matter - that simply adds to the ambiance. The second is a press conference at the Tour de Romandie featuring Brit Bradley Wiggins answering the questions in fluent French, even with my little understanding his personality still comes across and the video is actually very funny. He reverts to English for the last 20 seconds and a quality punchline...Enjoy.


  1. wow- no francophone me but monsieur wiggins seems incredibly at home speaking french. funny punchline indeed. pity about the silly hat n glasses combo!

  2. Brilliant. Both of them. Thanks.